Girls At Work

Girls Leadership Camp made our way to Girls at Work last night. It was a Women’s Build! After sending probably 100’s of girls at this point over the last 5 years to work with Elaine, this was my FIRST time! WOW! Now I know what all of you girls have been talking about. It was intense! Facing your vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and fears is no joke. Doing it with a power tool in your hand might be the best way to do it! When someone tells you to “figure it out”, you can either¬†fight it or face it. Best way to learn it, is to do it. Best way to do it, is to try it. Whan an incredible night at an incredible shop! Good vibes, badass women, and unbelievable stories. If you hold a significant role in a young women’s life, I urge you to check it out. Too often we are over worried about THEIR self-esteem, THEIR confidence, and THEIR empowerment….forgetting to take care of us! Practice what you preach!¬†#iamwhoiam

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